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The Sales Podcast

Jul 9, 2018

  • Nearly a decade in real estate...until it collapsed
  • Coaches and mentors helped him get back on his feet
  • His accreditations come from the school of hard knocks
  • Invest in yourself
  • You have to outlearn your clients
  • Your failures can make you more empathetic and make you a better coach

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You have to outlearn your clients
  • Not everyone should be a coach
  • If you hate people you probably shouldn't be a coach
  • Before you can make money while you sleep you should be able to make money when you're awake
  • Having a side-hustle is fine until you get your coaching program going
  • Have a niche. Never go the "general route."
  • He's now a coach who coaches coaches
  • Three ways to get business
    • Podcasts
    • Facebook: Groups (without ad spend)
      • Free to join but must request
      • Must have a Facebook profile picture
      • Must be on Facebook for longer than 30 days
      • Must be a member of fewer than 250 groups
    • Email marketing: daily
  • Repurpose content for the group
    • Get started and you'll build momentum
    • Be consistent
    • Be entertaining
    • Put your personality out there
    • Get out of the "mushy middle"
  • Set the tone with the rules and let them know you'll be promoting your stuff in your group
    • Do joint webinars
    • Do Facebook Live sessions
  • Ignore the hate mail and/or use it to fire up your members
  • Go get beat up and get tough