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The Sales Podcast

Aug 1, 2016

What You'll Learn In This Episode of The Inbound Sales Podcast...

  • How to grow your message affordably
  • Who social media is really for
  • Why it's not all about the tools...and what it's really all about
  • How to reach the lazy people...and we're all lazy
  • The "secret" to getting more done and getting your message out
  • What it means to say "I'm too busy" and what to do about it
  • Money + Social Influence = …?
  • What a dog groomer, an orthodontist, and you have in common and how to leverage it to grow your sales
  • How and when to capture the joy of your customers
  • Where to put your video testimonials for maximum influence and reach
  • How to target your customers
  • Where to focus your initial marketing dollars