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The Sales Podcast

Sep 4, 2019


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  • "Small data" is his niche
  • He has direct contact information for businesses
  • He's essentially a list-provider (not a list broker)
  • Data-mining for their own lists
  • These are not opted-in lists
  • Opt-ins are not transferrable
  • Reputable ESPs will not let you email lists like this
  • Businesses cannot opt-out of phone calls
  • Direct mail is coming back
  • Technology/automation is muddying the water
  • Be direct in your prospecting
  • Ask for a sample to test list providers
  • He advises his clients on the very next step
  • He'll review their creatives to make sure their messaging is on point
  • His minimums helps him disqualify the cheap customers
  • He never works with someone who has never used a list
  • He offers email deliverability management
  • You have to take care of your customers
  • Sometimes that means cutting your losses even when they're wrong
  • Screen your potential vendors
  • Accountability is key to growing a sales team
  • How to grow today
    • Cold calling still works
    • Good website (SEO, PPC, Referrals, Podcast)
    • Events
  • Top Data Search
  • Ask about his scholarship for startups

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