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The Sales Podcast

Feb 24, 2015

About Today's Guest

Kristin Thompson is on The Sales Podcast

Kristin Thompson is the founder of Speak. Serve. Grow. She can help you use speaking as a way to grow your business by not only getting the speaking gigs but by creating and delivering more "functional" talks vs. motivational talks. Hear her story on episode 111 of The Sales Podcast.

Tools To Thrive

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What you'll learn more about in this interview with Kristin Thompson of "Speak. Serve. Grow."

  • How much you should let people into your world.
  • How to get more speaking gigs.
  • Whether or not you should script your presentation.
  • What size group you should start with.
  • Whether or not you should have a signature talk.
  • Where to begin (local, regional, national?)
  • The 5 keys to monetizing your talk.
  • Whether or not you should invest in big tools or do it all manually at first.
  • How to use your ego to help you go big.

Create your signature talk around helping 'Joe Average' get over the hump"

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