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The Sales Podcast

May 26, 2017

Why you don't always need a "Plan B."

Andy just pursued his dream, which was to be a SEAL.

Shot with 17 years in and he was medically retired...with no Plan B.

Searched Google for average lifespan of a human. He struggled with it. He got a lot of his identity from being a SEAL. The boundaries of the military are good and bad.

Was working with a strength training company and this, that, and the other.

Fundraising gave him focus and motivation.

Man on a Mission lead to more speaking.

Wants to make a difference.

Now he can make a bigger difference.

Crises in character in our nation.

Feel bad and point fingers or look in the mirror and find your purpose.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Success is not luck.

Incremental progress.

Find your passion and set the example.

Things that are difficult have value.

Life should be hard.

There is no drill instructor in the SEAL teams. It’s his own sense of not wanting to be the weakest link.

Internally-imposed discipline.

Being injured in his mid-20’s hit his confidence for a while. He questioned if he did something wrong. He was down on himself for a bit. What flipped the switch for him was realizing the drugs he was on was negatively impacting him and the next day he hit the gym and got after it.

Doctors aren’t always right. Trust your intuition. He had 14 pill bottles and Captain Morgan.

Get physical to manage your energy.

He was contractually-obligated to be on social media.

It seems pretentious to have his own website. But he realizes it’s a layer of legitimacy.

You can be phony online or real and honest. He uses his site as a reference. Make it easy for people to find you with their thumbs.

Be real. Post the good and the bad. Don’t live on social media. It’s artificial. It’s a facade of life.

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