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The Sales Podcast

Jan 30, 2017

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  • How to handle the "sell without selling" fools
  • How infomercials can help you be a better marketer today
  • How to get the message to market match
  • How sales have changed
  • How to treat rational vs emotional arguments
  • When to use back doors, side doors, or the front door
  • Who is impervious to sales tricks
  • Which matters more: the offer or the size of your list
  • Whether or not to have a process for sales and marketing
  • How much to spend to gather a new customer
  • What a good ad should be
  • The importance of mobile responsive websites
  • What to do with info products to grow your list and make sales
  • How video sales letters differ from other sales letters
  • How to divide your time between Facebook, blogging, and emailing
  • How he views Twitter and Tweeting and what he does with his 15,000 followers
  • The difference between Twitter and Facebook
  • Why blogging is so hard
  • What to do with old blog posts
  • Where to find your family at the San Diego Zoo
  • How to handle the cross-pollination of your content
  • What to do with history to grow your sales
  • The first rule of entrepreneurship
  • How long to run the same ad
  • What most successful entrepreneurs have in common
  • What to do if you're bored
  • What to do with shiny objects