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The Sales Podcast

Jan 29, 2016

 Justin Lofton - SyncSumo


8 was fixing bikes

At 11 had a landscaping business

At 14 worked at McDonald’s - saw systems


Blue collar and white collar 

Was a plumber and became a Cisco Engineer

In 1998 started selling supplements online

Had success early on when the internet was new.

Building HTML sites

Buying traffic on Overture before Google

Moved into presales and sales at Cisco

Fell in love with marketing

Lead a team of engineers

Got into consulting

Was learning the Google algorithm 

Was helping offline businesses get online

Was like a CMO for some small businesses and helped them 2x and 3x their business

Started Fresh Agency in 2011.

Provided SEO services

Was able to massage it and had great success

Started using Infusionsoft in 2007.

Clients were looking for traffic and he was able to deliver it.

Saw the role of Social Media Marketing coming up and branched into that.

In 2013 when Infusionsoft got their $54 million from Goldman Sachs he saw things changing and wanted to move upstream but since he loves working with smaller businesses he was excited to see Goldman put so much confidence in Infusionsoft 


Launched ZenFusion in May of 2014 helping Infusionsoft users generate traffic.


Got his hands into Facebook advertising and it’s a switch from SEO to Facebook for leads and retargeting and people hanging out.

His revenue went from 90% SEO to Facebook.


Guys like Kiosaki and Tony Robbins teach you to always be open to opportunities and say “no” to most of them but let the seeds germinate so you know when to make a decision.


The technician in him wants to do it all himself. 

You need to know where your time is best spent.

Find people that can help you get to your goals faster but that’s not always easy or affordable.

Try to barter when you can.

Do joint ventures.


ZenFusion will become the UpWork for high value consultants. That’s a big switch from his original structure of the company.


He has had great success with workers in The Philippines.

The language barrier has been tough with workers in India.

He still has to go through 5-10 to get the right person.

Having US-based workers has worked out best overall.


He keeps his teams separate so he has a SyncSumo and a ZenFusion team.


2016 will be a great year for businesses to put business automation in place. 

All businesses can benefit.

Relationship Marketing and Relationship Advertising is where the market is heading.

Facebook and their newsfeed is a way for businesses to hang out with their clients and the friends and family of their clients.

You’re not really interrupting them like a TV ad.

That’s not as easy to do in SEO but Google is working on that with Customer Match and YouTube.

Social Signals can get you big SEO results from the sharing.


Google owns Chrome and it’s the most widely used browser.

He partnered with Digital Marketer to educate the clients.

Join DM Labs for $37/mo. 10,000 members and a private FB group.

Do you understand your audience? 

Are you providing value to your market?

What assumptions are you making that may not be right?

Are you doing a good job of looking at your market as an outsider?

People want to consume content that improves their lives. When you know what that is you’ll know the medium to use to educate them.

All of his services were offered month-to-month.

He would do an hour-long pre-sales call and give great value up front before he took on a client. He’d give free resources to them so everyone won, even if they didn’t hire him.

Funnel. Offer. Offline to Online. Lots of prep work needed before you go into paid advertising.

Maybe 1 in 30 were ready for his services when he started ZenFusion.

He narrowed his search to prospects that at least had a funnel in place.

Don’t make assumptions. It’s why Justin took a lot of calls in the beginning to see what the market wanted and needed. That lead to his 3-step process you now follow to speak with him.

The power of simply responding to leads with automation is powerful. The 80/20 rule still applies and helps you be more efficient. 

Multi-media, Multi-touch is so powerful. Leverage Text, Postcards, etc.

Think about relationships - request access to the new platform as soon as it’s available