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The Sales Podcast

Feb 22, 2016

Go Viral On Reddit & Get Your Dog 2 Million Views on YouTube…and a Few Other Golden Marketing Tips


What you'll learn in this episode...

  • How Brian "stalked" his roommate with Facebook ads and ended up in AdWeek
  • How to get your dog 6,500 subscribers and 2 million views on YouTube
  • How to get 450,000 pageviews on your blog in 72 hours
  • How he made a girl on Tinder world famous
  • How to launch a niche site and profit from it
  • How sex and conversions have a lot in common
  • How to use Reddit to get upwards of 7 million page views per day
  • How to use Reddit to drive organic traffic to your blog
  • How to grow while being yourself
  • The power of questions
  • The power of connecting
  • The power of the truth
  • Why you need to be more curious
  • How to have things for sale but not sell anything