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The Sales Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

  • From Israel (10 years ago)
  • PhD in computer science and math
  • Was a "geek"
  • You need to have the right requirements to make your work worthwhile
  • Validate for the need
  • Validate for the ability and willingness to pay for the solution
  • How to overcome company resource limits with alternative demo approaches
  • How to ensure everyone from sales ops to reps are all using the same demo versions
  • The value of giving prospects hands-on control during presentations and “leave-behind” demos.
  • "Can I be the first user?"
  • "Can I pay you now?"
  • He selected his co-founders
  • He was familiar with the problem already back in 2007
  • His original idea was around quality assurance
  • He and his co-founders were still in Tel Aviv and were thinking of how to launch in the U.S. market
  • Received a lot of rejections at first before getting their first $1 million investment
  • New ideas and opportunities emerged as they made more calls and connections
  • Leveraged their existing network to start and had a goal to learn and get 2-3 introductions
  • Validated within two quarters and started developing the initial version
  • Found challenges their prospects faced and were able to quantify the pain
  • Closed their first deal before the product was ready
  • Prospects don't want to meet!
  • Get to Product—Market fit to make high dollar sales easy