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The Sales Podcast

Dec 5, 2021

Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Downscale when you need to
  • Automate when you can
  • "The Great Resignation" is happening
  • People want to work for themselves and from home
  • Why we're in a boom economy
  • Bitcoin boom
  • Record savings since the government gave away so much money

"The shopper is going to go with what's easy."

  • Employers are going to have to get a handle on their staffing
  • Move from sympathetic marketing from 2020 and back into a growth mindset
  • Be locally-minded...
  • Be globally-minded...
  • You can hire globally now
  • The shopper is going to go with what's easy
  • Customers got lazier during COVID
  • They went to Amazon and online
  • Your prospects are now trained by Amazon to expect one-click/one-day
  • Where is your uniqueness and differentiator?
  • What makes you better?
  • Give your prospects the ability to promote you
  • Kids don't know how to think
  • Gen Xers don't fix things. We threw them away.
  • "To make money" is not a good enough mission statement today
  • What's your mission? It's about "love."
  • Build your people and they build your business
  • Too many entrepreneurs are just technicians who don't know how to manage and lead
  • To own a business it must work without you
  • Corporations have boards that demand growth
  • Do you go into businesses as an investor or an operator?
  • To get stock tips pay attention to what your kids are doing
  • When you're born, you don't get a manual, you get a mother
  • Only invest in things when you're an expert in it
  • Spend two weeks diving in deep to understand something
  • Listen to the questions being asked to determine a top in a market, i.e., "Are things too high?"
  • When your Uber driver tells you about their seven properties you know it's at a peak
  • Change your thinking, change your life

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