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The Sales Podcast

Feb 20, 2022

Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Musicians can be "artsy fartsy" but he became a player with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Wanted to travel the world after his parents split up
  • He'd love to travel with others and tour but he needed a band
  • He was a drummer at the time but knew he needed to write some songs so he borrowed a guitar, taught himself, and got after it
  • When he was 8 he wanted to be an author
  • His bands did well quickly because he approached it as a business
  • His CD was on the desk of Gene Simmons and he was looking for Canadian bands since his wife is Canadian (Shannon Tweed)
  • He needed a creative outlet but he also needed to pay the rent
  • He stopped everything to take care of his dad who had stage four cancer
  • Not performing currently
Data over beta (intuition)."
  • A lot of artists feel guilty charging for their work
  • People feel unworthy of money
  • They allow limiting beliefs to set in
  • You need to approach this with a "whole brain," i.e., creative and logical

Why do celebrities do drugs and salespeople need hugs?


  • Artists will self-sabotage to do what they want instead of what their fans want
  • In 2021, with five mouths to feed, he has felt pressure and stress from having to provide for them
  • He has to go create the cash and he loves the challenge
  • The story is the challenge
  • He was writing his book with a thumb on his iPhone while holding a sleeping, puking, farting baby
  • Be resilient and disciplined to impact others
  • This is what drives him
No bad things can happen anymore in my life.
  • You must hone your skills
  • It takes practice and dedication
  • When you fold, it doesn't mean you're weak, it might just mean you haven't honed your skill or found your groove or your recipe or your mentor
  • He's a recovering perfectionist
  • Quick and dirty, all the way
  • Make offers every single day
  • Build up your list
  • Build up your asset
  • Promote someone else's if you don't have your own
  • Give them an irresistible offer
  • Peter Cetera and Cher
  • Protect the core product/offering while also testing new ideas
  • They must all feed into/complement one another
  • Innovation is different than inventing
  • Keep fun in it
  • People want results, not another course
  • You have to piss people off
  • Lukewarm is bad for business
  • From six strings to six figures

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