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The Sales Podcast

Aug 7, 2022

Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The only book on how to get higher prices from your clients
  • Clients will accept your price increase but not be happy
  • If the price increase is small just do it and defend it
  • You need scripts to articulate why the price increase
  • Explain why it's fair 
  • Your customer needs to feel like they are getting good value

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  • Price increases are the fastest way to increase your bottom line...if you can keep your customers
  • Eight different narratives for explaining the price increase
  • Your job is to expand and retain your business as a salesperson
  • Salespeople are great at discounting and terrible at discussing price increases
  • Mature companies may not discount as much
  • What is the risk of losing customer?
  • A lot of companies do have CPI provisions for annual price increases
  • It makes sense to slowly and regularly raise prices
  • Salespeople are afraid to raise prices
  • Companies are afraid of raising the prices and losing the client.
  • They don't want to "awaken the sleeping giant!"
  • Red/Yellow/Green your customers.
    • Green is a solid, long-term contract
    • Yellow is borderline
    • Red is a potentially lost client if you irritate them
  • If a customer says they won't accept the price increase I can learn how I'm letting them down.
  • Most of your customers are in the danger zone.
  • Clean up your pipeline and accounts.
  • Clients get amnesia when the scheduled price increase kicks in that they agreed to years ago.
  • Have tough conversations early.
  • Have guts and confidence.
  • Get your message in order.
Salespeople are great at discounting and terrible at discussing price increases."
  • Pull out your calculator and show them the value.
  • Your price increase comes right out of the back pocket of small business owners.
  • It's your job as a salesperson to stand your ground and make that sale.
  • Most salespeople just walk away because they know they haven't earned the price increase.
  • Jeb uses a fit matrix to scatter diagram his customers.
  • Easy/hard to work with, high/low profit.
  • He'll ask for a 100% price increase on the low-profit, hard-to-work-with clients.
  • What's surprising is how few of your customers go away.
  • Customers hate being fired.
  • You need to know where you fit in the life of your customers.
  • Ideally you are adding more value than what you charge.
  • You need to be tooting your own horn.
  • You need to stay in front of your customers.
You lose because you take your customers for granted."
  • What is your messaging and method to stay in front of your customers?
  • Do quarterly business reviews, especially if you're a small cog in their system.
  • Get feedback from the customer so you know how you're doing.
  • Pick up the phone and have a conversation.
  • Do that maybe once a month.
  • Just touch base to stay top of mind.
  • You lose because you take your customers for granted.
  • Just manage the account.

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