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The Sales Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

Communication Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Native New Yorker
  • Learned patience and how to work with a culture that is not motivated by money in Costa Rica
  • How to motivate people
  • Grew a call center to 600 employees
  • Looked at quality of life
  • Gave unlimited vacation time
  • Helped him relax and calm down, which was healthier
  • He had to be within two bus stops for his workers, so location was key
Take the 1,000-call AI challenge to make more sales with outbound calling."
  • People today are looking at quality of life as well now in the post-COVID world
  • People understand their worth now
  • He is paying his people better
  • Create a better culture to offset lower salary if you can't match your competitors

Chris Orlob discusses using AI to close more sales on The Sales Podcast #233

  • Working in the B2C world to return calls to leads and transfer to a sales rep
  • Calls are so rare post-COVID, so making calls can be more effective today
  • Multi-media, multi-step follow-up is key
  • He's creating a contact-solution vs. a call-center-solution
  • He has a conversational AI product
  • Personalized greetings
  • Tied to your CRM, i.e., tokenization
  • Does a TO—turnover—quickly when the system doesn't know how to answer
  • People want to be more direct and get to the point faster
  • The AI has to listen
  • We don't listen to learn, we listen to reply
  • Listen to understand
  • Your AI can keep you
    • Conversational
    • Consistent
    • Compliant
    • Cost-effective
  • You need 10-agents at least to benefit from his software
  • It's an all-in solution
  • He's the gas of the fire, not the spark
  • It's a model that has to be trained by humans
  • Get your sales cycle dialed in before you bring in AI

Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast

  • Take the 1,000-call challenge at Vocodia