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The Sales Podcast

Jan 3, 2022

Professional Selling Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • One salesy action can ruin the entire relationship
  • The difference between sales leaders and sales bosses
  • The four pillars of professional selling
This is not a 'kinder, genlter' sales process. It's just not offensive."
  • Sales managers haven't been trained
  • We resist being persuaded
  • We need to establish a mutual sales agenda
  • Connection, curiosity, understanding, generosity
  • Be interested in your prospects
  • Listen to the answers
  • How often have you been in the room when the customer made the decision?
  • How can you help the buyer?
  • Be very specific with the buyer
  • Be a giver with a sales agenda
  • It's not "kinder and's not offensive."
  • Let your motivations be known
  • Have an action plan
  • Fit is important
  • "Well, what are we missing?"
  • Paint this picture for the buyer, "What does success look like?"

Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast