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The Sales Podcast

Feb 3, 2022

Selling By Personality Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The rocket man
  • Became an entrepreneur
  • Interested in emotions and selling by personality
  • Loved model rockets as a kid
  • Hired away from NASA to work in Colorado in toy rockets
  • Eventually got let go but loved selling to consumers so he started his own rocket company
  • Took 10 years
  • Focused on emotions
  • Worked on the school newspaper in college and sold the ads and he loved it
    • Gave him extra money
    • Extra getting fed by your pizza shop client
    • Emotions can be triggered following a formula."
      • Two big "nuclear bombs" hit him and he wanted to capture this moment and idea
        • Emotions are triggered and there is a formula for triggering them
        • There are 10 emotions, not five, as Dan Hill mentioned
          1. Happiness
          2. Sadness
          3. Fear
          4. Anger
          5. Embarrassment
          6. Guilt
          7. Shame
          8. Disgust
          9. Contempt
          10. Surprise
  • The four big emotions salespeople use
    1. Happiness
    2. Fear
    3. Anger
    4. Shame
  • Take what someone values and honor it to bring on happiness
  • Anger is triggered when something you value is attacked
  • Fear is triggered when something you value is threatened, i.e., a child gets sick
  • Shame, unfortunately, is used often and is triggered when something you value is ignored
  • Salespeople trigger shame all the time without even knowing it
    • They'll start a presentation and ask the prospect, "What are you looking for in a new car?"
    • A value solicitation question
  • How do we build rapport?
  • The four classifications of values
    • People
    • Possessions
    • Passions, non-physical, i.e., our faith, our hobbies, sports teams
    • Principles, our guiding principles. This is his second nuclear bomb discovery
  • People with similar guiding principles have similar personality types, temperaments
  • Myers-Briggs has four temperaments but 16 personality types
  • Our purpose for humanity is to survive conflict, so we need four types of people
    • Warriors
    • Logistics
    • Strategists, force multipliers, always short on supplies so how do you do more with less?
    • Morale officers, i.e., caregivers, i.e., medical, courage-producers
    • They all have similar values
  • Logisticians value time
    • To build rapport with those who value time we must understand and follow the sequence
    • To know what they value, you must ask questions, but you can ask the wrong questions at the wrong time
    • Salespeople become "me too"
    • Prospects are trying to hide their values so they are not shamed by them later in an effort to close me
  • We need to display our values first to our prospects so their values remain hidden
    • You can do this the long way or the short way
    • The short way is to display my emotion and show them we are in alignment
    • You must be able to type people quickly
    • Guiding principles are leading indicators
    • Their leading indicators enter a room before they do
    • Every day you make decisions based on your values to affect your future
    • It's like a BINGO card
  • There's a lot here so just remember that we're all in the Army so break this down to the big four
    • What are the characteristics each type needs to be successful
    • Warriors:
      • Action-oriented
      • A fighting partner
      • "I've got your back"
      • Speed/Time
      • Agility
      • They hate consistency, predictability
  • Display your emotion that you have the same values as your prospects
  • In NLP there is mirroring, but the purpose is to get the prospect to feel as though they are looking in a mirror
  • If you have time you can research your prospects to learn about them and discern what their values are
  • You can do this face-to-face but it takes work but the payoff is huge
  • Personality temperaments are genetic
    • You're born with it
    • It guides your life
    • Clothing and facial hair can tell you a lot about someone
    • Earrings, big hoops are warriors
  • Companies have personalities
  • He attracts other logistical customers
  • He builds rapport
  • "What are you trying to achieve?" must be asked, but only after rapport is established.
  • He likes Myers-Briggs over DISC
    • Thinking to Feeling and Energy is vertical
    • Tim is an introvert without high energy
    • Myers-Briggs has four axes on two sheets
      • Sensing vs. Intuition
      • Split those in half
        • Perceiver or Judger
          • Warrior or Logistical
        • Thinking vs. Feeling
          • Intuition Feeler, Morale Officer
          • Strategist

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