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The Sales Podcast

Sep 26, 2020

  • Interviewed six experts
  • Productized consulting model
  • Not a high-degree of customization
  • Become an expert
  • Step away from the product delivery
  • Complexity doesn't scale
  • Don't place your business at the top
  • Put your lifestyle at the top
  • Live the life you want
You're a commodity if you charge by the hour."
  • Consulting is growing now
  • Companies realize they don't have to all be under one roof
  • Find the expert, bring them in, benefit quickly and grow
  • COVID-19 exposed the problems companies had
  • Multi-media, multi-step is still vital
  • Move away from automation and personalize
  • Have a genuine interest in your prospects
  • Send an audio message on LinkedIn
  • Send video messages with tools like BombBomb
  • Sell value by understanding the needs of your prospects
  • You're a commodity if you charge by the hour
  • Diversification of your client base is key
  • Get referrals to start
  • Create IP to prove your expertise
  • Add in direct outreach
  • Get clear on your personas and USP
  • Continue your marketing and follow-up
  • Make your former employer your first customer
  • You need to commit to being a business owner
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Do your own marketing in the beginning to learn it
  • Get that feedback
  • When to have a simple vs. a complex agreement
  • Lay out what you do and what you don't do
  • How to prevent scope-creep!
  • Address issues right away
  • Be seen as a peer
  • It's not an ego thing
  • It's not a finger-pointing issue
  • It's a service approach
  • How to get contract renewals
  • Three parts to a review: Past, Present, Future

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