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The Sales Podcast

Sep 1, 2019


  • Smith is an expert like a blacksmith
  • Live and AI receptionist and website chat for the SMB space
  • AI for chat on your site
  • US-based English and Spanish instant translation for chat
  • Playbooks allow workflows/sequences that can ask language preference
  • Consumers want instant answers and responsiveness
  • Maddy and I don't like AI bots to act like humans so admit that your bot is not human
  • You and your prospects want to be efficient with their time
  • Refer your visitors to great resources to build good will
  • It's inefficient for you to have a skilled expert answering your phones
  • Their AI helps their receptionists know how to respond
  • Your playbook will build over time so stick with it
  • Just get started. You'll get a report after each call/chat.
  • Responsive vs Perfection
  • Cloud phone pad
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Text from the system
  • Whitelist numbers
  • Overflow, i.e. answer if I don't pick up
  • Test them with their free trial
  • Secret shop them!
  • Calculate your own time value
  • Ignorance is not bliss
  • Month-to-Month
  • Choose-your-own-adventure
  • Make outbound calls to confirm appointments
  • Spam calls are blocked automatically for free
  • Calls can be blocked and/or routed
  • They'll be responding to text messages as well

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