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The Sales Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

  • The T3 Framework: Tactics. Talent. Tech. 
  • Worked on helping Fortune 500 companies get their acts together
  • Use analytics to get the right people on board to grow
  • Foosball and bean bag chairs are not investments in your people
  • Automation does not replace humans
  • Typical KPIs in businesses are reactive
    • Measuring for the sake of measuring
    • You're hiring wrong so these measurements won't help
    • It's too late by the time you recognize the mistake
  • How to balance the measurement of effort vs. results
  • Should you use sales scripts?
  • Audit. Document. Repair.
  • Systems. Data. Metrics.
  • Is your team coachable?
  • Are you a bad sales manager?
  • Went from 7% to 62% close rate via coaching with the sales manager
  • Focus on frameworks vs. scripts vs. prompts
  • You have to give your salespeople the room to fail as they evolve and grow in a new role
  • People buy when you connect with them
  • Prospects have a strong B.S. radar
  • What's the impact you can make?
  • Past sales performance is no guarantee of future sales results
  • Great salespeople can sell their way into a job
  • Myers-Briggs
  • Behavior. Needs. Drivers.
  • Use analytics to stack the hiring odds in your favor

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