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The Sales Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

  • Martial arts since he was 12. 
  • Begged his mom when he 8 to do judo "since it's not fighting"
  • If you do what you love you'll still spend a lot of time and late nights building what you need but at least it's for you and you're the master of your own fate
  • He was sick and tired of fighting with his ex-wife about whether she should work or not
  • He had just started at the fire department and needed more money so he started an internet marketing business
  • He split the cost of a fitness product from Craig Valentine (@2002)
  • He regrets not building a list from the beginning
  • It's harder to build a list now and he thinks it's not quite as valuable
  • Any tactic can be used for good or evil
  • He gives a lot of great content
  • Email is an asset you can use to build other assets but it's tough to cross-promote social media platforms
  • Follows a basic rule to produce 2-3 YouTube videos per week along with podcasts
  • Learn to do your marketing yourself before you sub it out
  • Tim Ferriss hiring tip is to give your prospective new-hires some homework as part of their interview process
  • You won't make a lot of money on YouTube
    • He had over 500k views last month
    • It generated less than $900
  • He has an active blog with thousands of articles
  • A lot of people struggle with content
    • If you interact with your customers you're being given ideas for content
    • If one person has a question, 100 people have that question