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The Sales Podcast

Nov 3, 2020

  • If you're going to take a position, take a bold one
  • Bought a business plan from Amazon from his son who was getting started but they were all bad
  • All the business plan books were fantasy
  • No one can tell you how much money you're going to make in your business
  • If my business plan can knock you out then the market really will
  • Micro-start your business
  • Do not quit your day job
  • Beta test your business
I'm going to win, of course. (If you're going to take a position, take a bold one.)"
  • Build a business you want to keep
  • If you can't pivot you may not survive
  • If you have more money going out than coming in and you don't know when it's going to may not make it
  • How to know when to call it a day
    • When nobody wants what you have to sell
    • When you don't know how to market to them
    • When people won't pay the price you need to sell it to be profitable
  • He gets a daily spreadsheet that shows all of his key metrics
  • You need a dashboard to see blips vs. trends vs. sustained trends
  • A startup is like flying a kite: any little gust can bring it down
  • "If you meet with your accountant every three months I know you're going to have problems."
  • Focus on the fundamentals. Do you have what your customers want?
  • Annual practice
    • War Game Scenario: what can put you out of business? (Build a moat around your business.)
    • Always add a new profit stream
You better be competitive."
  • It really is a mindset
  • Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner with a couple of entrepreneurial moments?
  • What makes you happy? Is it profitable?
  • Hire who you really need, that one critical hire that moves the needle
  • Start with sales
  • Don't try to save money or hire a family
  • Maybe sign off on each job at first
  • Be a good mentor for a bit to grow
  • You gotta have a few "yous"
  • Your #1 job as a business owner
  • Sell them in the future
  • Staffing was key to his growth
  • He made the sacrifice to hire great people from his own profit
  • 1 + 1 = Done
  • He doesn't want another entrepreneur. He wants an analytical person who will eat, sleep, and drink this work.
  • They are an industry expert and will make great money
  • Your people must know there is extraordinary oversight to remove the temptation to steal
  • He teaches his partners how to hire
  • They can't hire "7's." They're either a six or an eight.
  • He does a 50/50 partnership in the profits but not the stock
  • He always does 50/50 because without him there would be no company
  • If asses don't move when you talk, you're not a leader
  • Your social media efforts are all for a vanity if it doesn't make you money (See Why Social Media Gooroos Are Broke!)

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