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The Sales Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Performance Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • He was hitting the same walls as other therapists/coaches
  • He'd run people through tests to see what's going on
  • He had varying degrees of success with his clients
  • For 14 years he has searched for how to create 100% success for his clients
  • Shifted from the physical to the mental side of therapy and coaching
  • Took an online business program (with big promises and big price tag)
  • Showed up with a great attitude
  • Did everything they taught
  • "What's the blind spot here?"


What's the blind spot here?"

  • He found not one but 40 blindspots!
  • He met with people who failed in various business programs when others succeeded to find their blind spots
  • Created and "If this, then that" flowchart
  • Tried to create a "Perception Process" quiz so people can analyze themselves
  • Willpower vs. Perception vs. Emotional
    • Willpower people need to be challenged to just do it once they accept they are willpower-based
    • Perceptive people need to change what they think about things and they'll become easy
    • Emotional people need to change how they feel about things and it'll become easy
  • Found another blind spot
  • Personality tests are skewed because we don't answer them honestly
  • Ask them "What love languages are total bullshit?"
  • Hard to become more proficient based on a personality test
  • We must know how we process things to become effective
  • Your personality changes over time as you grow and age
  • Perception processes never change
  • So he asks people how they struggle
  • When we complain we show Chris a two-part formula for showing how they think
  • Most of us have willpower-based tag lines, i.e., task-oriented
  • Help Perceptives view it so they see it different
  • Do you need time, tools/phone a friend, or just give up?
  • 47 tools he can use
  • Two guys
    • One makes steady, incremental progress
    • One blows it up then coasts then blows it up again
    • Learn how to create a steady state of productivity
  • Three kinds of leads
    • Business owner
    • Coaches that want to help their clients
    • People who just want to be more productive
  • Apply this to performance-based goals
  • Some need to resolve their past but some need to have a better vision of the future
  • When you're a perfectionist you must do something outside of your head to get into a flow state

Some need to resolve their past, but some need to have a better vision of the future."