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The Sales Podcast

Feb 3, 2018


  • Keynote Speaker with a Signature Talk entitled "Timeless Secrets of Influential Leaders"
  • Interviewed 4,000 experts so he has some insight into what makes for a key leader
  • It's hard to stand out in the speaking world so having a niche helps
  • Learned "the spider method" from the comedy world
    • The body is the core of the talk
    • The legs are the supporting points
    • Limit your points to 3 to 5 or you'll overwhelm your audience
  • Zig Ziglar told jokes and/or new stories every seven minutes because the audience was groomed to expect a commercial every seven minutes
  • Now you have to mix it up even more
  • How do you get paid to speak?
    • He traded for gym memerships and testimonials and even $300
    • Started on the Chamber of Commerce / Rotary circuit
  • Most of his business now comes from inbound leads
  • He started by cold calling to get booked to speak
  • He started asking his attendees for referrals and that gets him 20-30% of his speaking business now
  • Get these books on speaking