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The Sales Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

  • How we made $250,000 of e-commerce sales in 24 hours without using Facebook ads or discounts!
  • How our brand is leveraging our Facebook VIP group to sell more to customers we’ve already acquired and how other owners can do the same.
  • The mechanics and psychology of gated launches for e-commerce brands.
  • The sale does not end when money is exchanged
  • Launches can be great for generating word of mouth and lists
  • "Contagious: Why Things Catch On" book
  • Password protect your stuff
  • It's a psychological thing
  • It irritates some prospects
  • Some people don't understand you have to pay to be in a mastermind
  • He has a paywall for new launches
  • He and his wife have a 7-figure baby brand clothing line
  • He has a VIP group of customers
  • Staff reach out with a personalized video for all new customers
  • Invites them to the free VIP group for early announcements
  • VIP SMS list for early releases
  • Shuts down the site for the launch
  • Has his own app as well, "which is definitely worth it."
  • It's like a rubicon: once you enter you don't want to leave
  • He's selling them to make a micro-commitment to get on the site
  • He just did a $110,000 in the first hour
  • 90% were returning customers
  • Let people know who is not a fit
Can I monetize this so they take it seriously?"
  • Doing post-purchase surveys on all customers
  • 50% came from a friend
  • Using the Shopify survey app
  • As an agency, he's thinking of creating an association of e-commerce owners
  • Maybe run it as a Slack group and they pay a small amount to join then move them into bigger groups
  • Seth Godin talks about the minimum viable audience
  • Choose who to lose
  • Focus your energy
  • Their first daughter was in cloth diapers 6-7 years ago "and it was our worst decision..but it leads to our business, so there's that!"
  • His wife had a design background
  • Made leggings that fit over the cloth diapers
  • Cut fabric and designs at home
  • He dabbled in Facebook Ads in 2015 and got a 90:1 ROI
  • He helps people really scale now online
  • He spent $400,000 last year for a 10.1 ROI on Facebook
  • "We run ads to get you off of ads."

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