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The Sales Podcast

Dec 8, 2014

Mark Jamnik:

About Today's Guest

The 2008 Great Recession made Mark realize he was “running away from sales.” Learn how he turned things around by choosing to be happy...and productive.

Tools To Thrive

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Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tips

  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Check out the documentary "Finding Joe" by Brian Johnson.
  • 3 steps - The Separation (creates the unknown), Helpers Appear, The Return (and share what you learned)
  • Mark works with the teams and individual salespeople.
    • He works on their dashboard to run their business on autopilot.
    • You must identify your key metrics.
    • 52-week program - sales roadmap. Create prospecting and sales processes.
  • The “quick things” in business are rarely good and/or sustainable.
  • Deliberate Daily Action.
  • “Go the extra mile. It’s mostly open.”
  • Write your thank you cards on Friday and end the week on an uptick.
  • Look at your past successes and find the common thread to your past successes and consciously replicate it.

"Deliberate Daily Action is key"

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