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The Sales Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

  • We're not robots but science is science
  • Hack the system
  • There are core things you must do in business and in life to succeed
  • Exited for $321 million and asked..."now what?"
  • You still have problems even with money
  • Took two months off and got back to work
  • Is Work-Life Balance a real thing?
  • Are there seasons that you'll be out-of-balance?
  • Should there be seasons that you're out-of-balance?
  • You can be out-of-balance, but not completely
The equation of life = ..."
  • If you go too long too much out of balance you're going to hit the wall
  • He started when he was single and enjoyed the first few years
  • When the 12-15-hour days arrived he lost the joy
  • Grow up...but stay a kid at heart
  • Kids change everything
  • Founded Doorstep Delivery in 2008
  • The iPhone had just come out
  • Drivers wouldn't need a $200-$300 Garmin GPS, which they couldn't afford
  • Saw inefficiencies
  • Was not scalable
  • Was selling real estate during the big run-up so he was super-busy and wanted to order food easily
  • Quit his real estate business at the top
  • Didn't raise any money. It was him and his best friend from the real estate business.
  • Found two other guys with a similar business
  • But they had no real structure, which leads to the eventual "lack-of-fun"
  • Was suicidal in college and had "a typical victim" mentality
  • "How to Win Friends and Influence People" was recommended in passing by a college professor
  • He started working on himself while still in college, which laid the foundation for his post-exit life
  • We run off of habits
  • The equation of life = your belief system + your repeated actions + time
  • Connect to your human spirit and that child-like wonder
  • He was working on his new business 3+ years ago while he was still at his last company
  • The entrepreneurial competencies must be present and executed on if you are to succeed
  • Working on a book for business coaching
  • You can't just ignore making money
  • How to grow your money/investments is key
  • Don't get caught up keeping up with the Joneses
  • A billionaire on the Tim Ferriss show caught himself being jealous and depressed because he didn't have the latest jet like his friend just got
  • Do you just want more because you want more?
  • Why the co-founder of a $320 million leases a Toyota Rav4
  • How he made his rock-bottom bounce
  • He was looking when he was at rock bottom
  • His favorite professor mentioned the Dale Carnegie book and that clicked with him
  • The Yale "Happiness Course"
  • Habits don't care if they're good or bad
  • Set better habits early in life
  • You can undo them. It takes work.
  • Create a system and stick with it

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