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The Sales Podcast

Nov 17, 2014

About Today's Guest

Gary Loper The Sales Podcast 95

Gary Loper has worked in factories, driven taxis, was a massage therapist, and waited 15 years after graduating from high school to get his degree. Hear the rest of his story in episode 95 of The Sales Podcast.

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Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • Gary was always learning and striving to improve, which his how he "met" Tony Robbins and Dennis Waitley via video and cassette tapes in a communication class.
  • He had become a massage therapist and began specializing in helping people with disabilities but his work was funded by tax dollars.
    • His funding dried up for this program and he got depressed. He dusted off his motivational notes and started Tweeting them and those got traction with his followers.
    • He took that personal inventory and picked himself up.
    • #JustForToday

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  • “Chunk things down” to slice up your BHAGs and start achieving better results.
  • Create some distance from your emotional issues to help you cope and overcome when you’re dealing with something like depression.
  • Be on the lookout for help and accept it when it comes.
  • Plug in to things and associate with positive people.
  • Upgrade your friends.

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  • There are no filters on Twitter. You can follow anyone you want and get the info you need to help you grow.
  • Find your voice. Hire people to help you find your voice to help manage your social media profile.
  • Focus 90% of your time on Entertain, Educate, Enhance their lives, Create Engagement.
  • Tweets are searchable so use good keywords.
  • You can even recycle past content.

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  • He had a client that gave up on Twitter but they had about 15,000 followers so he made a backup account and took it over so now he has two profiles but one is a “lighter” version of his main site.
  • Twitter Chats / Twitter Parties
    • He started trending on his first party
    • #GLTP - Gary Loper Twitter Party
    • Twubs or TweetChat
    • You may throw a party and nobody will show up. Get over it. Learn and grow.
    • Most still like the 1-4 PM on Mon & Tues and Sat (for Gary.)
    • Register your hashtag on
  • Give information.
  • Build trust and rapport.
  • Slowly work in your offers that solve the problems of others.
  • “Tell me more” or “so what?” are the only two responses people can give you.

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