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The Sales Podcast

Jan 29, 2015

About Today's Guest

105 Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie Wilkerson was "the mom next door," with her one boy and three girls. She works from home. Adopted her two older kids. Was not educated in business but got "into business out of necessity." As Carrie puts it "my mess was bigger than most."

She is 5’ 4” and was 266 pounds, had over $100,000 in unsecured debt, was dealing with depression, infertility, and was pondering suicide.

Carrie chose joy. She realized she was destined for more and for greatness. She was almost 30 and made a decision to change. (42 now)

In 2001 before “virtual administration” was cool she started a direct publishing business. And the rest is covered in today's episode.

Tools To Thrive

What you'll learn in this episode...

  • What to follow when you realize just following your passion isn't enough.
  • How to beat your competition by 1,700%. (It's easier than you think.)
  • How to overcome the "hermit" in you and make a name for yourself in your market.
  • How to start a business from home, before a market crash, with a newborn depending on you.
  • Her preferred social media platform for growing her brand and her business.
  • What type of economy we're in today. (It's not what you think.)
  • What people are hungry for today. (It's not junk food or hand-holding.)
  • What Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" can teach you about leadership.
  • How to measure your effectiveness.
  • What to do instead of comparing yourself to others.
  • Whether or not to share the "silly things in life."
  • What to focus on besides numbers.
  • The number one metric you do need to focus on.
  • How to decide what to leverage: sphere of influence or advertising.
  • How to get your first, second, and subsequent sales.

"Do what's easiest to cash in on"

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