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The Sales Podcast

Dec 28, 2019

  • Page speed impacts lead conversion
  • The mobile experience is quite different ("mobile moments")
  • Up to 150 mobile moments per day per  visitor
  • You must load quickly for 3G to 5G visitors
  • You can't just focus on the latest devices/standards/speeds
  • Many metrics to consider
  • Google focused on Speed Index
  • Use this site built by a Googler to test your speed
  • Get your Speed Index under 3 seconds
  • Click on Filmstrip View
  • Critical rendering path
  • HTML, Javascript, and CSS prevent other items from loading until they are fully executed
  • Browsers must work through all of those assets first
  • "Deferring" or "Asynchronous loading"
  • Do you need particular scripts on particular pages?
  • Be disciplined
  • Base 64 coding of images
  • Hero image
  • CTA
  • Lazy loading
  • Hero videos, carousels, animations can hurt
  • Page speed is important as well as its appearance but what is the visitor actually doing on your page?
  • HotJar and CrazyEgg are not realtime
  • PathMonk goes beyond heat maps
  • SmartCards
    • Understand what users are doing on your page
    • Understand your products
  • Chatbots are too passive
  • Chatbots are not great for sales but great for customer service
  • Learns from every page the code is installed on
  • Conversion Rate Optimization is key
  • When do visitors convert?

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