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The Sales Podcast

Sep 12, 2016

  • What it's like to grow with a company from the 15th employee to a multi-billion valuation
  • Why you need to know how to sell even when you're offering marketing software
  • Why you need to start small then add features to really grow
  • Why yesterday's offering is not good enough for today
  • Why acquisition is a viable plan to scale your business
  • How to look at a partner program to grow your sales
  • Why free is not always cheaper or better
  • How to leverage free to generate leads and clients
  • Why content still matters
  • Why SEO still matters
  • Why inbound marketing matters more than ever
  • How to get good ideas for great content
  • Why just creating great content isn't enough any longer
  • What to do if you don't have an audience
  • What to do if you do have an audience
  • What he thinks about guest blogging
  • What you should be doing more of
  • How to increase your visibility in the marketplace
  • How buying has changed today