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The Sales Podcast

Jun 20, 2018

  • Global 2,000 and fast-growing startups
  • We're still salespeople and needing to make our numbers
  • As salespeople we make it worth their while to meet with us
  • If you offer value you can still reach decision makers
    • Provocative
    • Speak to a universal truth
  • Small and large companies have similar struggles in that they want and need to grow
  • Senior leaders have great B.S. meters
  • What's unique to you and defensible?
  • Get informed about your prospects
  • Have empathy
  • Timeless sales books
  • Sales leaders have different duties and responsibilities
  • People are people and problems are problems
    • What kind of impact can you make?
    • What kind of value do you provide?
  • The connected-planning space
    • Sales performance management (SPM), sales effectiveness, and marketing performance solutions.
    • Salesforce automation
    • Sales enablement
  • Go-To-Market Strategies
    • Where you sell
    • How you sell
    • What to sell
  • Gut feel and institutional knowledge still has value but so does data-driven analyses
  • They are using artificial intelligence to help big businesses look at the data in an un-biased way
  • Find that universal truth
  • Find your one thing
  • Knock down the silos in your organization

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