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The Sales Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

  • SEO is the fastest and most direct path from your prospects to you
  • You can rank in four to 12 months AFTER you've implemented
  • Find your keywords
    • Title tags are vital
    • File names are important
    • And alt atribute
  • Relevant, popular, and attainable
  • Meta description is not that important
  • Be outcome vs activity-focused
  • Find experts in niches to bring onto your team
  • The SEO B.S. Detector and and SEO Hiring Blueprint
  • "So tell me about your process of optimizing meta keywords."
  • Your quality posts and pages represent your army of sales people
  • Thin content (under a few hundred words) are not valuable
  • Tag pages can create duplicate content and mess
  • Do you have control over you Robots.txt file to add "NoIndex" to bad listings?
  • Create remarkable content
  • Create curiosity with your headline
  • Be careful about linking to content producers and having them provide content
  • Outsource your writing to great writers
  • E.A.T. of SEO
  • Be relevant
  • Be authoritative
  • Video is important
  • Leverage YouTube Trends
  • YouTube supports hashtags now
  • YouTube transcribes your video
  • Take SRT file and upload it with your native video to LinkedIn

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