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The Sales Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • CEO and CMO
  • Launched new idea during COVID
  • VCs were shrinking
  • He couldn't even meet with his co-founder unless they walked his dog
  • Understand the process of ideation
  • Meet with potential co-founders
  • Launch during a crisis
  • Use the turmoil and chaos as an opportunity
  • Launch when it "makes no sense"

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  • When people are worried about sales, they are more discerning with their spend
  • Demos are always dangerous
  • Demos can be complex and time-consuming
  • Sales teams are thrown to the wolves to do the demo correctly
  • Yoav launched and it was a top product on Product Hunt
  • 200 press articles in their first 18 months
  • The landscape is in need of good demo tools
Demos are always dangerous."
  • Hired a VP of Sales
  • They had two founders and a developer
  • VP of Sales hit up his peers to get additional validation
  • VP of Sales started selling as well
  • Had a $6 million seed
  • Got $2.5 million up front
  • People change their minds on what's a good idea when you send them an invoice
  • They asked prospects about their challenges to see what they described as their friction and issues
  • It's a great tool for SaaS solutions
  • Drag n Drop demos
  • Add prospect logos
  • Not great for mobile apps
  • Won't break because you're not connected to the backend
  • Demo typical use cases
People change their minds on what's a good idea when you send them an invoice."
  • He and his co-founder both had startup experience
  • Raised $56 million in total
  • He had to move fast in hyper-growth mode to shift the market
  • Has over 100 employees now with over 100 big clients
  • Be bold, move fast, break things
  • The market perceives them as the leader
  • Getting over 1,000 inbound leads/mo now
  • Came out of stealth on the high end of the pricing spectrum and it worked
  • Constantly test, experiment, and research
Go high on your pricing to establish your value in the marketplace."
  • Focus and demand can put pressure on you to accept less-than-ideal clients
  • His product team is organized and does not allow noise to interfere with decisions

Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast

  • Visit Walnut to create more than interactive product demos