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The Sales Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

  • Rob (red hair) Comedy stage hypnotist + Kennedy (white hair) Mentalist/mind reader
  • Met at a bar at a magic convention
  • Lots of down time between shows
  • Had an interest in marketing and he got good at getting gigs
  • Started a coaching program by accident
  • Rob had moved to Greece and had started his own program as well
  • Still perform
  • "Be a voice, not an echo."
  • They've never been employed or been employers, which is their advantage
  • Obsessed with how people think and how they make decisions
  • Totally bootstrapped
  • We should all be getting feedback from our customers
  • They made the tool they needed
  • Typical client-feedback surveys are usually terrible, manual, complex, and ugly
  • They may request a testimonial if you get a high score
  • Then they're all ignored
  • Make the survey the fulcrum between sales
  • Ask the customer what else they are working on and how you can serve them
  • Fix Your Follow-Up Failure
  • Ask specific, rather than open-ended, questions
  • Target ads based on their answers
  • Keep the survey at three questions
  • Admit what you don't know
  • They are not technical
  • They wanted a local developer who lives and breathes product creation
  • Feedback from the beta version came mostly from support tickets
  • Hired a recruiting firm to filter their candidates
  • They know about marketing and business and invested in themselves
  • They did not invent the survey market so they focused on creating a great product and their message
  • They had been leveraging surveys for four years so they knew the ins and outs of what they were creating
  • Now they are building something bigger than themselves
  • They were pushed by the challenge and growth
  • Kennedy's shows are 100% scripted
  • Scripts give you flexibility to respond appropriately
  • Scripts give you make changes
  • They watch each other and coach one another on how to improve
  • Scripts give you the ability to be present in the moment and connect with the audience
  • Commit emotionally at the moment
  • You can never relax if the process is all made up on the spot
  • Evolve your script if you get bored and make sure you focus on the needs of the customer
  • Be empathic and you won't get bored

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