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The Sales Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Made a pivot in life from being a CPA after six years
  • Be curious about your prospects
  • Be interested in helping your clients
  • Ask great questions
  • Lean in
  • The client will get the feeling that you are sincere and will be easier to work with 
  • The hard part is connecting for the first conversation
  • Bring insights
  • Be an expert
  • Help the prospect first

Outsmart and Outmaneuver Your Competition To Grow Sales

  • Legal matter management systems
  • Competitive space
Be curious and committed to helping your clients to gain their trust and business."
  • Well known in the space, especially New Zealand and Australia
  • He's the first VP of Global Sales
  • He started with guerilla marketing at the beginning
  • Created their own community, Inview, that they host with over 2,000 members
  • Traditional sales methodologies are not working, i.e., cold calling, cold email, trying to get a blind meeting, or set up a demo
  • Digital marketing is working for them
    • Targeted posts and campaigns
    • Targeted emails
    • Provide tools and industry insight that addresses the key challenges of their prospects
    • Make it easy to be contacted after you pique their interest
    • Cast that wide net
    • Lead scoring is key
    • A sales professional knows it takes multiple touches to reach the best prospects
  • He'll target all of the top people at his target accounts
  • They do placement ads, associations, organic posts, etc.
  • They test and measure
  • They have fun at their trade shows (Legal Tech is now Legal Week)
  • They wear T-shirts, give away cool things
  • Optimistic vibe from attendees

Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast

  • Visit his site at LawVu