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The Sales Podcast

Dec 1, 2014

About Today's Guest

Jon Ferrara on The Sales Podcast Session 97

Jon Ferrara has been in sales and marketing his entire life. He saw that sales were broken and decided to do something about it. He created Goldmine CRM with $5,000 in his apartment and helped them expand from 1989 to 1999 when he was bought out. Now he sees things broken again in sales as it pertains to social media and online marketing, so he's back. See what he's up to in today's episode, #97.

Tools To Thrive

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Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • He created Goldmine with $5,000 in an apartment.
  • He went after the Novell resellers who sold network workgroups (it was before Microsoft networks and Outlook.)
  • He created an instant revenue stream.
  • Mark Cuban was a Novell VAR and Jon got him to convert over to Banyan Vines.
  • Sales people are beaten to go back and use their company CRM.
  • We live in our email and social media.
  • Contacts. Calendar. Communication. It's where we live.
  • 225,000,000 businesses and only 1% use CRMs.

"Contacts. Calendar. Communication. It's where we live"

  • You’re hired for your network and brand yet few maintain their networks and relationships.
  • At their core, CRMs don’t do anything for you because you live outside of the CRM. It’s too much work.
  • Most buy CRMs because they think they need it but they don’t know how they’ll use it.
  • CRMs are not just for salespeople. It’s for everyone in your business.
  • Nurture Marketing - action-based communication.
  • Data decay is like fish.
  • Salespeople spend 60% of their time on non-sales-related activities.
  • Don’t pound on them.
  • You need bait to fish in the social river.
  • Educate, Enchant, Engage, Embrace, Empower.
  • Content, Conversation, Community.

"Salespeople spend 60% of their time on non-sales-related activities"

  • Give your knowledge away. Share content.
  • Teach them to fish then let them know you also sell fishing poles.
  • Start by listening then add value to the conversation.
  • Create good identity on all social media platforms that are relevant for your business.
  • “It’s the basics that win games.” John Wooden
  • Get started by updating your profiles at a minimum.
  • Start having conversations.

"Teach them to fish then let them know you also sell fishing poles."

  • Nimble Everywhere - works in any browser-based platform.
  • It takes Jon about 20 min a day to curate content for a week.
  • Use Buffer for free.
  • It’s like dividend investing.
  • We’re still early in the social media wave. Get started now.

"We’re still early in the social media wave. Get started now."

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