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The Sales Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

  • Super-niched
  • Born out of seeing the results
  • Likes to be in control of her client's results
  • "Entrepreneurial failure" the first 14 months
  • She had the self-discipline but needed to develop the proper mindset and systems
  • Couldn't just "create a course and be a success
  • Wanted time freedom
  • Became a virtual assistant at $15/hr, which was a huge blow to her career
  • Her first client asked her to write a blog post because she said yes to everything
  • She outsourced it to a mid-west employee at minimum wage
  • Became a true business owner
You have to get out there to build momentum."
  • Was over-complicating things
  • Stopped treating her business as a side hustle
  • Find good people
  • Found the routine things that could be done and outsource those
  • Began raising her prices quickly
  • This model capped her earnings
  • Needed to run this like an agency
  • Raised prices again
  • Brought on account managers and added a hierarchy
  • She focused on sales and marketing
  • Has kept it simple
  • No Instagram or Facebook
  • New to LinkedIn
  • Connect with people and be strategic
  • Entrepreneurs try to meet one person and sell them
  • She prefers to meet spheres of influence
  • It's easy in the service business
  • Focusing on the other stuff is causing you to be stressed out
  • Social media is making us crazy
  • Avoid the push towards the vanity metrics
  • It's a trap trying to be seen in all the places
  • Focus on connection
  • Do market research to find your ideal buyer persona and those who are connected to your ideal buyer personas
  • Learn who they are before you sell to them
  • Know who your podcast audience is then simply some from a place of serving and curiosity
  • Find where you can add value
  • Two-prong approach
    • Email outreach
    • Make intros like a traditional PR approach
  • She focuses on relationships
  • Put all your cards on the table
  • Be an open book
  • How to know you're ready to be on podcasts as a guest
  • Do you need a detailed funnel to leverage your interviews?
  • Most of her sales just happen after people listen
    • "Do you know what you sell?"
    • "Do you have a method?"
    • "Can people contact you?"
  • You have to get out there to build momentum

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