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The Sales Podcast

Sep 11, 2020

  • Make it easy for your buyers to buy
  • "Don't start a CRM company. The ocean always needs boiling."
  • What feature do you not need?
  • Salesforce won't let you delete more than one opportunity at a time
  • Most customers don't know what their own problems are
  • Salespeople can't follow a process
  • Salesforce is the safe decision but the worst, usually
  • "Let me guess. Is this one of your problems?
Find the root cause of the customer's problem."
  • If they say what they want they don't want to listen
  • Prospects who don't listen just want a quote
  • Acknowledge they are experts in their own businesses
  • "What risks are you worried about?"
  • Lead with examples. Show them you have experience and expertise in their space.
  • "I've read a lot about your company and your situation, is this your problem?"
  • A well-educated guess will get you a long way down the sales process
  • Personal rapport goes a long way...but it only goes so far
  • Check in with the customer and ask them what they need to buy
  • Stop focusing 100% on your sales process and checkboxes
  • Make it easy for them to look good in their own organization
  • Your internal champion is putting their neck on the line
  • Provide them cover
  • Ask them...
When was the last time you signed a PO of this size?"
  • Real decision makers say "I bring in my team and bounce ideas off them."
  • Share your plan with your prospect once you know what's going on and they are qualified
  • Reduce their risk
  • Have a good sales cadence merged with your sales engagement and CRM and challenge them on their current mode of business
  • Show them they are horribly wrong
  • "When was the last time your sales rep said 'Guaranteed closed by the end of the month.'?"
  • "I bet you're missing your forecasts...and I know why."
  • You know the underlying of their pain
  • Use a multi-media, multi-step engagement plan to touch on multiple points over time until you find the hot button
  • Focus on the process before login
  • Have dates on milestones
  • AEs vs. SDR quota
  • "No buyer ever argued with clear expectations."

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  • We can't delete fast enough
  • Emails are horrible
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Have the desire to be just a little bit better
  • Your CRM spitting out form emails won't save you
  • Authenticity goes a long way

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