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The Sales Podcast

Oct 31, 2014

About Today's Guest 

Jake Efstration has been in software development for marketing for years. As the needs of his clients changed to focus on mobile, he saw the opportunity and launched Social Fuse. Jake is into "visual marketing” whereby he looks at traditional forms of lead generation online via web forms and applied what works to the mobile space.

Tools To Thrive

  • Automate Your Sales & Marketing: To build a business that scales you need processes and automation. Since 2008 I've used this tool to do just that. Watch the demo to see how it can help you, too.
  • Start Blogging Today: If you are new to blogging and need to put up a quick site and get real help with your hosting, try Bluehost.  I've tried them all - GoDaddy, Hostable, HostGator, etc. All were good and bad. In December 2013 I took a long hard look at Bluehost, and what I found was nothing short of amazing. Their free domain service with the purchase of hosting, their 1-click WordPress setup and great customer service is what every new blogger and entrepreneur needs. Use this link for The Sales Whisperer discount.

Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • Mobile marketing is moving beyond text messaging. “Accessibility has been the problem up until now. Only big companies like American Idol could afford it.”
  • They are moving beyond text blasts and into mobile targeting.
  • List segmentation is moving into the texting space.
  • Back in 2001 companies were trying to embed web forms into text messaging but the mobile number was not being passed through.
  • Mobile marketing is great for urgency.
  • 97% of users open text messages in under 5 minutes.

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  • Text messaging is a more personable form of communication.
  • Text marketing is still early in the game.
  • There are stand-alone text messaging platforms to help you get started.
  • Keywords are chosen by the client and that triggers the opt-in.
  • It’s great for offline-to-online lead capture.
  • A 5-digit shortcode is used in commercial applications. The gov’t says you must comply with their regulations so the shortcode is the easiest way to comply.

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  • This is great for speakers to capture opt-ins from their speaking engagement.
  • Restaurants - they have many types of offerings so you could opt-in and select the offers they want to receive. Maybe you don’t want to receive notices about breakfast coupons.
  • Service providers are levering mobile marketing to confirm appointments.
  • You must get their permission/consent to send text messages to your prospects and clients.
  • This can even work online. If all of your traffic is online you can create a special offer on your site to
  • Text “fuse” to 96000 to demo how this works.

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