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The Sales Podcast

Jul 12, 2017

  • Mandi Ellefson helps consultancy owners free-up 40 extra hours per month and use that time to keep growing their business. Her clients transform into what she calls a “Hands-Off CEO.” A Hands-Off CEO leverages what they’ve already built to grow income, create more ease, and cut the chaos in the business. Their business can generate profits for weeks or months at a time– even when the owner is not there. 
  • Create the business you want so your team can run the business without you
  • Grow the business as an asset so you can sell it
  • Branding yourself is a good step in the right direction
  • Be willing to help your people grow
  • Make the interview like an audition
  • Screen people with detailed instructions in the application process
  • Business owners have similar challenges
    • They think about sales all wrong
    • Growth is fine but do you have the capacity to hit your goals?
  • Systems alone will not grow the business
  • You must have the people as well
  • People are not machines
  • Learn how to motivate your team
  • Your best employees tend to come from your network
  • Flex Jobs is a good site to find staff
  • You as the founder/CEO is always the bottleneck
  • Step away from your company for a week in a "stress test"
  • Hire for fit rather than skill and train them
  • Share profits not equity
  • Take the longer term view to bring on and mold your replacement