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The Sales Podcast

Feb 24, 2017

  • How to make it rain...and why you need to be a rainmaker in your business
  • How to make $100/hr when you're just starting
  • What people will pay $100/hr for, even if you're young and just starting out
  • How to start right where you are
  • What hasn't changed in 20,000 years and why you need to understand it to grow your sales
  • The one thing you must work on for greatest leverage in growing your sales
  • The one thing you can do that is guarantees your success
  • The difference between talent and technique and how people mistake one for the other to their detriment 
  • Why podcasting is hard...and why he loves podcasting
  • The type of communication that is most critical to your networking, influence, and charm abilities
  • The one thing most people don't work on but should