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The Sales Podcast

Jan 26, 2018


  • Oren Klaff was a guest on Episode 142 of The Sales Podcast
  • I first read his book in 2011 and I kick myself for not re-reading and studying it more closely since then
  • At the core of Oren's pitching / selling philosophy is what he calls frame control, which is a lot like framing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 
    • You must be in control of the meeting by leveraging tools and frames such as:
      • Power
      • Time
      • Intrigue
      • Prize
      • Analyst
    • There are also tools such as:
      • Moral authority frames, which are great at disrupting analyst frames
      • Relationship frames can derail price and analysis frames and keep your pitches on track
  • As I've shared in The Sales Agenda for years, "when you own the frame, you control the agenda, and you determine the rules under which the game is played."
  • You need to understand the role and areas of the brain we use to communicate with our prospects
    • You're using your higher level neocortex
    • They are processing with their "croc brain" or "lizard brain," which views everything as either something to eat or something that will eat them!