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The Sales Podcast

Jun 5, 2019


  • Hypnosis is the bypassing of the critical part of the mind
  • Stop being so nervous giving a talk
  • I will persuade you to do what you already want to do by using your own words
  • Sell in alignment with integrity
  • Place the ownership on the other party as WIIFM
  • Be positively cynical by answering "Yeah? So what?"
  • Show the benefits
  • "Do not think of a purple elephant behind a white picket fence with a little yapping dog."
  • Neuroscience is showing more about the brain
  • Language helps us convey images and ideas
  • "Hey, I know you're not ready to quit smoking but when you are or know someone who is please have them call me."
  • Before language there is emotional intelligence
  • Think of those days you accidentally feel good
  • Build the foundation to harness that state of mind on purpose with anchoring
  • Tie sensory states together
  • Bring them up on queue
  • Like hearing a song or smelling a smell

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