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The Sales Podcast

Dec 20, 2019

Today, Wes Schaeffer (The Sales Podcast) had the pleasure of talking with Daniel Ramsey (MyOutDesk).

Daniel Ramsey has been in the industry since 2001, running a Real Estate and Development company. After several years of great success, Daniel realized that realtors spent too much time working on tasks that are necessary but highly administrative, routine, and time-consuming—working overtime soon becomes required to finish all these tasks and keep in touch with clients and generate new business. Daniel saw a need that he could fill after his experience with his very own Virtual Professional. He realized that these tasks could be delegated by leveraging a Virtual Professional to take care of them, enabling real estate agents and brokers more time and focus on growing their business.

In 2008 MyOutDesk was born, offering services from high caliber talent to Real Estate Agents who needed them the most. MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals have been part of over 5000 client’s teams around the USA and Canada. Daniel has two lovely daughters and a wonderful wife and is passionate about extending the movement beyond revenue, making an actual difference in many people’s lives.

In today’s episode, Daniel will talk about how he started and ended up with his business as well as the biggest challenges or issue of his business. He will also share how people could manage with your Virtual Assistants. Daniel will share a lot about his business; how it works, the process, etc and not only that, he will also be sharing what his book is all about.



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