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The Sales Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

  • Paul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). For the past 30 years, he’s taught tens of thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and pain into passion. Paul’s speeches and training have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results.
  • What is the ONE thing you are actually always selling, no matter what your industry or business?
  • What are the 4 words you can use in the first minute of your sales presentation to create immediate, unbreakable rapport and trust?
  • What is the first thing about your prospect you must focus on and take into consideration if you want to skyrocket your sales?
  • What are “counterexamples” and how can you use them to easily destroy almost any objection?
  • How do traditional, common teachings about mindset actually get in the way of your progress?
  • Let's get out of your conceptual zone
  • Sold candy bars at 9 years old
His mom told him, 'Most people are the opposite of what most do.'"
  • Get people's attention
  • "Hey, I'm here to sell you something."
  • Nail them down with consistency and commitment
  • A sale is a date and a date is a sale
  • Rapport, qualifying questions, presentation, go for the close
  • Began applying his pick up artist training to sales training
  • Be honest and leverage pattern interrupts
  • Treat them with respect
  • There are no cold calls, they are "opportunity outreach."
  • Metaphors create a canopy of consciousness that impact our beliefs and actions
It's time to joyously make powerful opportunity outreach calls."
  • Prospects object on autopilot
  • "Why would I delay your opportunity to learn about something you could really benefit from?"
  • A sale delayed is a sale denied
  • The smartphone is the #1 obstacle to sales
  • "May I ask you a question? 
  • Your opening buys you five minutes
  • You don't have a lot of time to bond
  • People are too distracted to pay attention
  • Dumbed-down yet more sophisticated
  • They know the old cliches because they get pitched so often
  • "What state of mind do you want your prospect to be in so they receive your message?"
  • Your pitch is the electricity so how do we make the prospect's mind conductive?
  • Get them focused, wanting, buying into the notion that we are leading them (subconsciously), and open to new ideas and concepts
  • How do we create those states?
  • Selling decisions and good feelings about decisions
    • People don't trust their own abilities to make decisions
  • Prospects need to capture and lead their imagination
  • Implied relationship words
  • We, together, explore, invite, share
    • "Before we explore this (solution) together today, I just want to invite you to please share the questions that naturally arise when a great decision is being made."
    • Leaders are needed for explorations
  • Three words to put in front of any limiting belief: "up until now"
    • "Up until now, I've been bad cold calls."
    • "Up until now, I haven't been able to hit my quota."
    • Our crappy learning strategy is what holds us back
    • We program our mistakes back in
    • You need to learn from your mistakes...but how?
    • You're in a car and break down in the desert and you call the mechanic who says do this, that, and the other and hangs up!
    • You need to move up the learning curve
    • If the process of self-improvement has felt like a struggle, here's how that takes place...
    • The solution is 
  • Priming the mind for effective behavior and results
    • Showed students positive and negative words
    • The positive students were 80% more 

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