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The Sales Podcast

Jun 27, 2016

  • The four key emotions to focus on to understand your actions and those around you
  • What are you attracted to in the world
  • Why you do different things than what you want
  • Why "axiological frameworks" are important and how to leverage them to your personal development and growth
  • How Steven Sisler uses DISC assessments as his foundation but how he takes them to an entirely different level
  • Why you must combine your passions with behaviors with how you see the world to truly understand what makes you tick
  • Why he says "we are our brain"
  • Where you should focus as a leader
  • How to look at your work environment and your circumstances
  • How to know if you are a Level 3, Level 2, or Level 1 person
  • How I view moochers
  • What to do with your "suspicion emotion"
  • Whether I wake up "angry" or "optimistic" or both
  • My three biggest fears
  • My level of patience
  • Whether I'm more like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Joe Biden, Al Gore, or Barack Obama
  • How to read a prospect in under three minutes
  • The difference between empathy and sympathy and when to use either, or, or both
  • Why we listen and how to determine why and how your prospect and staff and family members prefer to listen
  • How role-awareness adn self-direction can make or break you
  • When to listen, when to engage, when to control
  • What "effective primacy" means and why you need to know what it means if you are to win in sales
  • Why tribes matter and what percentage of the tribe wants to be lead vs. what percentage actually leads