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The Sales Podcast

Jan 27, 2015

About Today's Guest

Jeff Shore is a "sales wonk" who loves influence and detests "old school selling." (Amen!) Jeff thinks today is a "better day for salespeople" and after running the sales for a Fortune 500 company—where he spent 11 years—he knows a thing or two about selling!

After he climbed the corporate ladder and realized it was up against the wrong wall, i.e., Stephen Covey, he left and has been doing his own sales-training thing for 15 years with his staff of 9. Hear the rest of his great interview above and see what you'll learn below.

Tools To Thrive

What you'll learn in this episode...

  • How to make yourself recession-proof.
  • The role of a salesperson in today's transparent world.
  • What you need to focus on in the sale instead of the "bright, shiny objects."
  • What question to ask the hard-to-please prospect that calls or comes in to your place of work to help you take control of the conversation.
  • Jeff's "Permission to question" script.
  • The main things your customers are looking for.
  • How to shift away from "transactional relationships" and into the more lucrative "transformational" relationships.
  • How Jeff defines top sales performers and the actions you can take to become one yourself.
  • How to stick to your price.
  • What you should replace your bucket list with.

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