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The Sales Podcast

Feb 10, 2017

  • How to enable sales for your team and yourself
  • How to decide where to start on your funnel to maximize sales
  • What has remained the same for 28 years in the profession of selling
  • When to specialize
  • The correct quadrant you need to be in to grow sales predictably
  • How to leverage technology to warm up your prospects and accelerate sales
  • When to use your phone to make sales
  • When to use direct mail to make sales
  • How to use buyer profiles and personas to create predictable profits
  • How to use Amazon to gain valuable insight into the world of your ideal prospects
  • How long you should spend conducting sales research
  • How many touches it takes to make a sale today
  • How to leverage cliffhangers to make more sales today
  • How to sell into a large organization using the phone
  • When to get personal and when to leverage technology in your sales funnel