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The Sales Podcast

Apr 24, 2017

  • Samantha's first book was the one she wanted to buy, but this second book is the one she wishes she had 20 years ago
  • Wht to do if you're stressed out when getting your work done
  • Whether or not you should drop what you're doing or press on
  • Why processes and pain can be good
  • How to discover and unleash your creative genius
  • How to know what your creative genius is
  • Where to locate your happiness
  • Where you should focus to grow
  • Why you're being selfish when ignoring this one thing
  • The three best assets you have and are probably not leveraging
  • How to be a good CEO to yourself
  • How to know you're being a bad CEO to yourself
  • What to do with your smart phone at night and in the morning
  • How to make your life different…and better
  • How to get out of being stuck