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The Sales Podcast

Mar 21, 2019

  • CEO and Founder of Dude Agency 
  • 2012 he started a web design firm
    • His team was in The Philippines
    • Needed better support in the U.S. time zones
    • Found a team in Tijuana
    • Had over 200 clients
    • Small team of just 5
  • 2017 wanted to try something new
  • Stop the scroll
    • He had a wrestling mask
    • Wears the mask and outfit at trade shows
    • It repels the people they don't want as clients as a Rorschach test
  • Systems and processes are key to growth
  • Operations is where you make or lose money
  • He hired someone for $5,000 to make his initial processes
  • He made the on-boarding process for new clients himself
  • He's not a techie so he could see things from the client's perspective
  • Dudefest twice a year for clients

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