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The Sales Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

  • How to sell as an introvert
  • Why introverts make great salespeople
  • Started and owned five multi-million dollar businesses before the age of 30
  • Had a 6th-grade reading comprehension in high school
  • Fell into sales out of high school to find himself before university
  • Did data entry but the business shut down in three weeks
  • Forced into sales during Christmas, which is also their summer
  • Selling business telecom services door-to-door
  • Faced a lot of rejection
  • On his 93rd door, he made $73
  • Was excited until he realized he had to do it again the next day
  • The "hustle" mentality was not exciting
  • He looked for systems
  • Looked up "sales system" on YouTube
  • Sold during the day, self-taught at night
  • Made one sale every three doors
  • 18 out of 20 of his peers quit
  • Became #1 in six weeks
  • Promoted 7 times in 12 months
  • Great marketing makes sales easy
  • Oh...your business is different?
  • People don't want to meet people who sell commodities, which lead right to a price discussion
  • "You want to help people? Can you narrow it down?"
  • Describe your passion and your why when networking to differentiate yourself
  • People make assumptions when you say "I sell" or "I offer" then insert commodity
  • Small hinges swing big doors
  • He initially was talking to the wrong people at first when he was selling door-to-door
I'm here to see if you qualify..." and that made a huge difference
  • Don't show up and start pitching
  • Ask better questions
  • Don't just flip through the catalog or brochure
  • The power of storytelling is strong
    • Creates artificial rapport
    • It short-circuits/bypassing the logical part of the brain
    • "I understand...however,..." and tell a story of a successful client in a similar situation.
  • Most salespeople get the sales process out of order
  • He follows a seven-step sequence
  • He was given a team of 20 and they all quit within 48 hours
  • He went back to YouTube to learn how to manage
  • He got promoted too fast
  • He was miserable in his first job eventually, despite winning awards and making great money
  • When you start your own business you need to realize how you inherit goals from others and they may not be what you want
  • He was trying to prove he was "worth something"
  • He has a podcast called "The Better Business Coach Podcast," check out episode #17
  • Most millionaires are actually living low-key
  • Many feel anxious all the time because they are out of alignment
  • Do what you care about
  • Where are you sipping bourbon?
  • What type of bourbon?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Revenue is great, but profit is what matters.
  • People don't take time to think anymore
  • We don't know what we want
  • Rapid Growth The Lazy Way
  • Use the bookmark button on audiobooks
  • You have to be the loudest if you can't be the clearest
  • Automation is key
  • Pinterest is a search engine, not a social following/conversation site

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